Arduino: schematics, sketch and notes



This website is for those who don't know or only marginally know, Arduino and its programming language.

Contains programs, schemes and simple comments, sometimes banal and certainly not too technical.


The aim is share several experiences with who is curious, and would like mix some elementary knowledge of electrical and computer engineering with a microprocessor and some popular components.


To start I suggest you fetch a starter kit (may be on web electronic components store), read the first paragraph on the programming handbook , and try straight the first projects.   The programming hanbook can be read later, after gaining some experience in circuits assembling, in IDE using, and in programs understanding.



Arduino: notes about board, sensors and actuators

scheda sensori e attuatori

An handbook (in italian), with description of some of the most popular sensors and actuators, that can be used by Arduino





The “wiring” language



A quick programming guide (in english-like language), with details on how start using Arduino and how write a program. Not all the "wiring" language instructions, but the most useful, enough to write also high complexity program.

immagine IDE


Project and prototypes







Some easy projects on sensors and actuators (LEDs, microphones, servo motors, electric motors, liquid crystal display, bluetooth, Rfid  and other gadgets), along with some naive prototype (alarm system, ultrasound trolley, scalecalories, water dispenser and other amenities).


These notes are born by an experimental approach to the Arduino world and can therefore be inaccurate, superficial and wrong in some point.

I am even now grateful to those who want to send reports or suggestions to: