Arduino: examples and prototypes

Arduino is a pretty friendly tool and the first projects can be executed even without any programming techniques knowledge.

Offers a myriad of opportunities at the base of which, in addition to a program, there are always sensors and actuators. To simplify the approach to these component classes, the projects were grouped into three sections: one dedicated to sensors, one dedicated to the actuators and one dedicated to the most complex components, such as the bluetooth connection board or the read / write station for a secure digital card.

To complete the overview, was added a fourth section, dedicated to some prototypes (actually toys) made starting from the components described in the previous three sections.


Project on actuators

06 buzzer.png

17 led telecomandato.png

19 motore passo passo.png

22 driver L298 per la gestione di due motori.png



LED, buzzer, brush and stepper motors, LCD display, 8x8 matrix, servo motor, laser, infrared generator (construction of a remote control) 7219 Driver


Projects on sensors 


motion sensors, temperature, humidity, sound, ultrasound, distance, light, magnetic field, infrared, touch, PIR sensor, keypad, weight sensor, barometric sensor, heart rate monitor ...

09 luce crepuscolare.png

10 sensore di temperatura.png

25 microfono.png

34 sensore di gas.png


Projects on complex components

36 hc06 bluetooth.png

36 rfid avvicina la carta ed apri la porta.png

44 rtc ds3231.png

43 leggi e scrivi su secure digital.png



bluetooth connection, rfid station, Real Time Clock (RTC) , secure digital, sim900, GPS, ESP8266 IoT- Internet of Things




a polyphemus.png

b sesnore di parcheggio.png

n pesacalorie.png

oerogatore a peso e tempo.png


ultrasound trolley, ball separator, parking sensor, alarm system, labyrinth, track follower, cinerama, discoflash, weighs calories, water dispenser, pan&tilt, GPS tracker ... Unnecessary plants and old ideas, but still fun